Monday, March 31, 2008

Mood change

I woke up this morning and it was raining. It looks like it might rain all day. Yet, I find myself in a great mood. It finally hit me as I was getting ready to teach my first class today. My joyous mood was my reaction to FINALLY being able to hit some single track. The trainer wasn't bad, but you can only watch so many DVDs. Did a couple snow rides with Lumpy and A.B. and they were a nice chance of pace. The past two weeks it was also nice to do a few road rides. BUT, there is no riding better than single track (if your MTB freak). Based on the new re-routes, Tranquility has gone from one of my least favorite courses in the metro to one of my favorites. While A.B, J-mac, and Johnny Law were missed yesterday don't worry they will be making their season debut soon.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Kung-fu Action at Tranquility

This is J.C. demonstrating how his Kung-fu training would allow him to break the Professor's arm without him feeling it. As exciting as this may seem, it actually wasn't the best part of the ride.
This was the first Goathead group ride since there was snow on the ground. Sadly, not all the Goatheads could make it, but their absence was minimized by the presence of J.C.'s brother in law, Tyler (not pictured). This was Tyler's first trip to Tranquility, I think you'll see him out there again, but he'll just be doing super fast laps around the creek. I think that was the only section he really liked.
As for the rest of us, I think the general consensus was that each full lap at Tranquility is 6 miles of bliss. I should point out though that any one of us would have been satisfied riding through an Indian burial ground if it meant we could ride on dirt. However, we did think that the new sections at Tranquility are going to be super tasty as soon as they smooth out a bit.
I know I'm a little behind the curve on this, but team Goathead would like to officially declare that the 2008 mountain biking season has begun (Which should mean more frequent updates to the blog). I think it's going to be a good year.
The Professor locked himself in his basement with his trainer for the last four months and is looking stronger than ever and his wife seems happier than ever. J.C. allegedly used his thigh master nonstop for 18 hours while sitting in front of his computer this winter, and if you felt his inner thigh, there's no way you could argue. J.A. (AKA the Beast) seems extra motivated this year, and since he usually throws down like Kimbo Slice at a back yard bar-b-q anyways, you know he's going to destroy this year. Johnny Law traded in his police cruiser for a bike. He spent the entire winter peddling after meth heads on the mean streets of C.B. The A-Train hasn't touched his bike since December, but he's been carb loading since then so I think he'll be ready. The rest of team Goathead hasn't taken the off-season as seriously (like myself) but the residual effects from last year still seem to be with us.
Now, check out this video of guys on recumbents riding on mtb trails. It appears that recumbent bikes are ideal for mountain biking as long as the trail is straight, the slopes are gradual and the only TTF you encounter is a little mud.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

All of Omaha waits

You can see it on the face of every mountain biker in town.....Frustration.
It's been a long cold winter and it's been way too long since knobby tires have hit dirt. A few snow rides helped pass the time, but they didn't satisfy. Reports from around town are that the trails are close to ridable but not ready yet. The Professor tried Swanson and failed. I tried Tranquility and failed. The A-Train tried L&C and epically failed.

Give it another week comrades, we will reclaim the dirt!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008