Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I have a confession

I said I was doing P90X just so you wouldn't laugh at me, but the truth is, the key to my fitness plan is actually Country Hip-Hop Dancing........ Don't judge me.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Last weekend's scorecard

For those of you keeping track at home, here are the results of last weekend:
Sat: heat 1 JA 0
Went to Louis and Clark Saturday, after working outside all day. What the heck, 3:30pm, it's only 97 degrees give or take and a heat advisory in effect, but I should do OK. Sounds like a good time to crank out 3 or 4 laps at L& C. It didn't go too well- 1 lap and I was cooked- legs felt good, the rest of me not so much. No problem, should be able to crank it up Sunday.

Sunday: JA 1, Tranq 0/ Lumpy 1 JA 0
As the Prof already posted lap 1-3 went good but Casey decided to separate the men from the boys on lap 4, and it hurt. Lumpy is starting to scare me with how good he is doing this year. Finished the lap with decent energy left. Still a long way from being ready for the 5-0 though. 4 laps at Tranquility is a decent start but nowhere near being a good prep for the 5-0.

So what is a better 5-0 prep- a lot of laps at Swanson or Tranquility or mega miles on the road bike?


We had so much fun two weeks ago, we decided to move Sunday Smackdown to the dirt yesterday. Lap one J.A. set a good pace. However I could tell that I would be fighting all ride just to limit my losses. On lap 2 Lumpy took over the lead and upped the tempo. He put time into me and J.A. on 2 climbs in a row. However, halfway up the 2nd climb J.A. exploded past me and caught Lumpy. They probably would have lost me for good had Lumpy not crashed going into a corner too hot. Unlucky for him, but lucky for me. Every turn of the pedal kept telling me that today was not my day. I managed to lead lap three, but was struggling to keep Lumpy and J.A. behind. As we started lap 4 Lumpy surged into the lead. Then . . . he was out of sight. He didn't attack me and Jeff, he simply threw the hammer down. Realizing a chase was futile, J.A. and myself simply finished in the main pack.
A lot of Goathead nation is asking "where are the others??" JC missed the start time but threw down a blazing lap in the middle of S.S. The A-train is still recovering from a pre-season crash that set back his training. The big question is whether J-mac will come out of retirement. He has said he will make a come back, but so far he is doing more talking than riding.
In September, Sunday Smackdown will merge with the Dakota 50. The Goathead national championship jersey will be on the line. I'm not sure what the guys in Vegas are saying but the smart money is on Mr. P90X.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Amazingly several Goatheads were able to get some dirt time in last week. However, the return of Monsoon season has closed the trails for awhile. That meant I needed to ride on pavement. My question is where do I ride when the pavemnent is covered in water?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Obligatory pics

As a follow up to the Prof's post here are the pics from the ride:

Lumpy setting up for an attack:

Prof pulling him back:

Crossing small ponds:

It was so deep in some areas the Prof picked up a leech:


Game on

A few Goatheads plan on traveling back to Spearfsh this Labor Day weekend. Apparently we forgot how much pain we felt last time and wanted to be reminded. HOWEVER, the recent weather patterns have done a number on the local trails. I predict that Manawa won't be rideable until about the middle of August.
So JA, Lumpy, and myself went looking for a hard road ride on Sunday. In hoped of being in shape come Labor Day weekend. We have often read the post write ups about Wedesday worlds, so we thought we would have our own Wednesday worlds (but on Sunday).
As we headed to the North Omaha Airport, Lumpy set a pretty good pace. No doubt he was trying to lose JA and myself. However, his attempts were to no avail. The bunch(all three of us) re-grouped as we headed towards Boyer Chutes. After passing by the chutes the road eventually went up. Nearing the Seaside resturaunt I thought it was time to leave my companions behind. JA and Lumpy were having none of that and stayed glued to my wheel. We stayed together for the next few miles including some nice rolling hills as we got near to Lumpy's house. Then with only a couple of miles remaining JA thought it was time to see if Lumpy and I were napping. The elastc might have snapped,if it was not for a red light that slowed JA progress. In the end we finished together with Lumpy keeping his lead in the G.C.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bacon Flapjacks

This old Aunt Jemima ad just gave me a whole new reason to wake up in the morning.

It really works!

Check out this new laundry drying rack I got......

The guy at the shop I bought it from says it also works as a mountain bike if I can find dry trails.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bland Chili with Ocho Cinco

Have you ever been to Cincinnati? I hadn't until last week. I just spent nine days there for work. It seemed like an okay town. I was working most of the time so I didn't get to experience everything. The people were friendly and it seemed like when asked if they liked Cincinnati, the general consensus was that they were all happy they didn't live in Cleveland.
The other consensus opinion I encountered was that everyone thought I should try the Skyline Chili. When I think of Cincinnati, or Ohio for that matter, I don't think of chili, but this was not your usual chili. First of all, they eat it on top of spaghetti. My first thought was, that's odd, but after the idea sank in it started to appeal to me. The only problem was the chili itself wasn't what I would call chili. It was sweet instead of spicy. I guess they season it with cinnamon and chocolate. The one thing that really saved the experience for me was the ridiculous amount of cheese put on top, plus they had hot sauce at the table in case you wanted a little extra kick. Final conclusion, I don't think it is something I would eat again and again, but it was worth trying.

There was one thing I did that saved the trip from being as bland as the chili, that was sneaking into Paul Brown Stadium, home of the Cincinnati Bengals.

I walked down to the stadium with a co-worker because we heard the Bengals were practicing. As we were walking to get around to the practice facility, we saw a truck driving out and the electric gate shutting slowly behind it. We had just enough time to slip in. Once on the inside we saw a security hut with two guards sitting inside. I expected them to throw us out on our ear, but they seriously just looked at us and then went back to their conversation. So we walked under the stadium and found a tunnel that went onto the field. To our surprise we walked right into the middle of a celebrity meet and greet for all of the corporate sponsors. We acted like we were supposed to be there and ended up getting a free lunch while rubbing elbows with Carson Palmer and Cedric Benson. I didn't get any pictures of that, but I did get some pictures inside the their locker room. You'ld think they would keep that door locked.