Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Now that's what I'm talkin about!

Specialized Fatboy Cruizer

What? 1700 bucks!?!?
...Um, nevermind.

On another note, the new Redline Monocog Flight 29er looks hot! (and less than half the price of the Fatboy)
Lighter steel, option for gears, mechanical discs, all for 800 clams.

New bikes and stuff being shown this week at Interbike 2006 in Vegas.

Monday, September 25, 2006

WARNING: Trek's lifetime warranty does NOT cover full speed frontal impact!!

So don't even think about it, Lumpy!

After everyone left yesterday, Jeff and I turned up the Gnarl-factor two notches and shredded Swanson for another lap. Yeah, we're pretty extreme like that. I ended up running into Bill and Dave from MTB Beginners afterwards in the parking lot. Check 'em out. They're pretty cool guys. Not unlike ourselves. Just out to have a good time. Look for them flying off a cliff near you.

On another note, so Scott is a freak of nature. Getting my but smoked by a guy who, as far as I know, doesn't ride that often is pretty humbling. Maybe fitness does play some role in this sport. Dang, no more ice cream. Overall, good showing yesterday. Two bikes were carried off the field on stretchers. Danica ripped it up. Another beautiful Sunday.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Mile High Stench

I went to Denver this last weekend and found out what an apartment smells like that's been closed up and vacant for two weeks with sewage sitting in the sink.

Hanging out indoors was not an option. We weren't able to go biking for a variety of frustrating reasons, but we still got out and found some wildlife.

This coming weekend we head to seven Oaks. The forcast I looked at looks pretty good, (chilly but dry). We need to get a final head count and talk about transportation.
FYI: Seven Oaks charges $3 a day to bike and $4 dollars per person to camp. Trust me, it's worth every penny

Monday, September 18, 2006

Usual Weekend Ride

So this weekend I found myself riding at Swanson with Lumpy. We did our typical multi-lap routine, he led for parts of the ride and I led for other parts. I thought to myself, "what is different about today?". Then I remembered that I had paid $30 to do this ride with him, and we were actually racing each other. I forgot we were racing because I couldn't see the person in front of us, nor the person in back of us. The Goatheads were represented in fine fashion with Lumpy's top five finish.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Sunday - Urban Ride?

I'd really like to ride this weekend, but I'm not racing Saturday. If it rains Sunday and the trails are too wet, is anyone up for an urban ride?

Monday, September 11, 2006

The Omaha BMX scene is sweet!

So my wife's sister and her family came into town Friday just as I was getting home from a couple nice laps at Tranquility. Upon finishing our burritos, my brother-in-law, Fredy, and I found ourselves looking for something to do. I was like, "Hey Fredy, whatcha wanna do?" and he was like "No se" and I was like "There's this new BMX track down the street, and they're having races tonight, wanna go watch?" and he was like "Por supuesto" (not really, he's Guatemalan, but he speaks English just fine.) We headed down to Hefflinger at 7:45 thinking the races were over, but they were still warming up. Sweet. Some of these kids are fast! They were flying through the course, manualling over the bumps and stuff. It's crazy, we're grown men and the transition to clipless pedals is a big drama, but these kids were riding around, clipping in and clipping out, no problem. There was a couple "moto's" where the competitors couldn't have been more than 3 years old. It was so cool seeing these little guys and gals cruising down as fast as they could just to build enough momentum to get back up the other side. I was informed by the infamous Skinny D that there's a cruiser class that freaks like us could ride in with our big wheels, although I'm not sure what the situation is on you dorks with gears. We left at like 9:30 and they were still racing. Good to know about all this cool stuff going on in Omaha. Now Fredy's looking for a lightweight BMX for his daughter. Good times, yall.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Pro Mechanic Tip #1

If you decide to tighten your front brake, make sure you can disconnect and reconnect it before taking the front tire off of your bike. Don't tighten it so much you find you can't reconnect the front brake once you're out for a ride and have no tool, so you have to let your front brake flap in the wind.

That would be a silly thing to do, and you would be a silly, silly person.

New playground

On my commute home yesterday I ducked into Hefflinger Park to check out the BMX park and help out for a bit. Nobody was there except for a couple kids, so I jumped on the track and rode it a few times. VERY COOL!!! I had a blast. It's also a lot of work. After a couple of runs, my legs had a nice burn going. It's not the type of thing I would do all the time, but it'll be a fun once-in-while excursion to break the monotony. Since it's so close to Tranquility, it will be super convenient to swing over there and do a few cool down runs. I'm curious to see how crowded it gets. If it dries up quickly after the weekend rain, we may have to get a group ride together next week. On my way out of the park I saw Skinny D pulling in. By that time I had to get heading home so I couldn't stay to help. Thus I continue my usual practice of reaping the benefits of other people’s labor. I think the Goatheads should try to show up in mass at the next trail work day.
Who's camp'n this weekend?
Don't forget, 7-Oaks on the 30th.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

How 'bout this?

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Slightly less than epic.

The Professor and I had big plans for an epic ride that linked Swanson and Tranquility together. Unfortunately we cut it short because of the rain, but not before we got a good 20 miles in and not before we got a chance to start The Donald's initiation.

Now the riding can begin. Apparently he is immune to the effects of gravity.

Gravity still affects the Professor though.

Unofficial Team Seal

I was just messing around with the "Official Seal Generator". This is the unofficial team seal for the entire day of Saturday, Sept. 2, 2006.

Friday, September 01, 2006

new to me

check out the placement of the rear shock.