Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sorry, no little people...

...But I took a couple new guys out to Tranquility on Sunday.
(One's new to the area, the other's new to biking)
Good times were had.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Code for Free Song!

I rode Saturday Friday and realized how out of shape I've become. The biking scene has been less than climactic for me for a number of reasons this season. So to celebrate, I'm giving something away!

Pizza Hut convinced me to feed 4 kids for $1 for some "from Hunger to Hope" thing, and as a reward I got a code for a free Mariah Carey song. I'm so excited!!!!! I have enough room on my Zune, but since I'm an official T.H.O.R. member I'm obligated to give back to the community.

Here is the code for the song "Love Story" - first come, first serve!


Claim at this web site: http://www.fromhungertohope.com/

Just post back saying thanks and three sentences about how Mariah Carey changed your life.

Cinnamon-Bacon Roll

It's been 2 weeks since I've been on a trail, so the only contributions I can make to this blog are bacon related posts........ I present, The Cinnamon-Bacon Roll.


Next up . . . Whistler

So, my wife finally let me buy her a mtn. bike. While I don't think she wants to enter the Psycowpath series anytime soon, she did have at Manawa yesterday.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Speed Vest

Brady Clark and Mykle Hansen created a vest that lets bicycle riders show off how fast they’re pedaling:

How does the vest work?
In a nutshell, it uses a sensor on your wheel to send a signal to a microcontroller that then turns the numbers on and off on the vest.

Why did you invent this?
Have you ever outpaced cars and been honked at? Had a car almost wipe you out while making a turn? The Speed Vest was invented because we were curious to know if putting more information in front of drivers might change their awareness of bicyclists. That, and we suspect a lot of people don’t realize that an average person can bike 10-15 mph (15-25 km/h).

Here's a link with a video

Stop To Stop Update

It's still on for this Friday night, with a small change from what I posted earlier. Instead of meeting at the UNO clocktower, we're meeting at the intersection of Keystone Trail and Pacific. We'll probably be in the Khol's parking lot. The plan is to depart for Wing Stop at 6:30.
Save yourself from a life of regret.....be there.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Stop to Stop Ride


= Stop to Stop Ride

Friday, September 19th could end up being the day that changes your life forever. It'll be the day you first realize that donuts and wings can be eaten in tandem as long as you included a bike ride in between.
Come join some Goatheads for the Stop to Stop ride. Wing stop is located at 120th and Blondo. Donut Stop is located at 13th and Pierce. If you'd like to join us, you can hook up at any point depending on where you live. The tentative plan is to meet at the UNO clock tower Friday night at 6:30. We'll head west and get to Wing Stop around 7. We'll ingest a small mountain of tiny fried bird wings before we head to Donut Stop. I'm thinking it'll probably be around 9 before we start cramming eclairs in our pie holes.
If that doesn't sound like a good time to you, then we won't get along......ever.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Press Release:

I would like to take this opportunity to announce to all of my loyal fans and to the media that as of September 9th I am officially out of retirement. I will return to professional mountain biking for the 2009 season. This is in part due to my strong showing at the Dakota 5-0 and also due to my love of fame and fortune. At the moment, I'm tentatively planning on doing 5 Psycowpath races next season and I'm open to the possibility of competing in the State Championship Race. I have already taken steps to re-enroll in the U.S. Anti-Doping agency. I plan to post results for all blood work here at MTBGoatheads.com in an attempt at complete transparency. I sincerely hope to regain the trust of the American people.

Thank you for your continued support!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

5-0 pics

Lumpy's race recap:

Mile 8: My back tightened up so bad that I thought I had fire ants in my jersey.

Mile 15: I clipped a log on my downstroke and crashed hard.

Mile 21: While passing someone on the grass, a fire ant flew into my jersey and bit me three times

Mile 24: I blasted through a fresh cow pie splattering "pie" all over my legs and into the mouth of the guy behind me.

Mile 30: I got leg cramps in places I didn't think you could get cramps.

Mile 39: As I pushed my bike up the "Widow Maker", I was trying to think if I had enough tools in my backpack to disassemble my bike and bury it in the woods, and then hike out, forgetting that this ever happened.

Mile 48: I crossed the finish line 3 hours behind the winners and proceeded to puke my guts out........ twice.

48 hours later: I'm ready to do it again!

Good times, Goatheads! Good Times!

"It went in my mouth!!!!!!

The best way to describe what went down last Sunday was a multi-round fight. The Goatheads decided to challenge the Dakota 5 0 to a duel. The first body blow to handle was bike problems. Tires, center pivots, brakes, shifting, and frames all had issues in the weeks, days, and even hours leading up to the start. However, shops in Omaha and Council Bluffs were up to the challenge and helped the bikes get ready. Lumpy and J.A. even enjoyed the service of a local Spearfish shop. A personal thanks from me goes out to Andy and Bryson from Highgear. Andy, my bike performed great and you’re the reason. Bryson was working on J.A.’s bike at about 9:00 pm Saturday night.

The course, in Goathead terms was like connecting/riding Dakota Ridge, Apex, and Larry the Bear all at once. To non-Goatheads it was like “Dr. Seuss’s worst nightmare.” We at least got to ride about ¾ of a mile on flat ground before the first hill. Climbing all the way up to the single track REALLY spread out the field and took a nice chunk of our energy. Once on the single track, the key was pace. Which wasn’t hard because we were going up. The first part of the trail was not super technical, but it went up and up and up. I happened to crash twice in the first 15 minutes of the single track. Meeting up with J.A. at the first aide station was a huge blessing. Between miles 16-21 I had a near meltdown mentally. I was secretly wanting a mechanical issue to call it a day. Keeping my mind occupied through conversation J.A. and I made it to one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen, Aid station number 2!!!!.

The Second part of the course contained one of the longest downhills I have ever ridden, at least 8 minutes of just going down. Of course the second half of the course also contained: some very technical riding, a downhill that me and some other competitors walked, the climb known as “the widowmaker”, and a climb up a fire rode that went on forever.

After riding back on the single track we started on, we descended back into Spearfish on the gravel and paved roads that took us out of town. You can imagined how relieved we were to see the end of the single track.

Goathead times were(roughly)- 6:24, 6:34, 7:20, 8:30

Lumpy gets the “good Samaritan” award for helping a cyclist dealing with cramps. He also gets the “cow pie award” for causing a person behind him to swallow some after Casey rode through it. J-mac will be selling videos next year called “Less is More”, he rode his bike less than 20 times this season before tackling the 5 0. I trust my fellow Goatheads will help fill in the parts I missed.