Friday, January 22, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010


So the 2009 "season" has been over for about a month now and I have finally collected my thoughts about it. I know at least 1.5 of our readers have been waiting for my year in review thoughts, so here they our.

Downers for the year
-only one ride @ Platte / if this current trend continues there will be non for me this season
-only one ride @ Lewis & Clark
-crashing less than 15 seconds into the 24 hours of 7 Oaks
-being called out @ the riders meeting for the 24 Hours of 7 Oaks (supposedly I asked too many questions)
-J.A. too hurt to ride in the 24 Hours of 7 Oaks
-the apparent retirement from mtn. biking by J-mac
-riding the trails Joe's rut & Ruts and Ladders @ Fruita
-riding "The Ribbon" backwards
-that more Goatheads couldn't make the annual CO trip
-running out of water our last ride in Fruita
-missing the Stop-to-Stop ride
-having the temp. drop 30 minutes into my first shift @ the 12 hours of Branched Oak / I did not get warm until I got in my car 12 hours later

Highs for the year
-year two @ HighGear (Now Trek Store Omaha)
-taking advantage of working @ a bike store - LOVE my Fuel ex8
-less rides @ Tranquility / more rides @ Jewell and Swanson
-riding my first Century in 20 years / even if I did wear spandex for the day
-having lots of road miles under my belt by the time the trails dried from winter
-crashing less than 15 seconds into the 24 Hours of 7 Oaks
a)calmed me down
b)gave everybody (especially my teamates) something to laugh at
-finishing 3rd @ the 12 Hours of Branched Oak
-finishing 3rd @ the 24 Hours of 7 Oaks
-riding The Ribbon backwards
-Lumpy and I hitting our first free-ride park
-A.B.'s great quotes in Fruita EX. "nice call on the GU pack"
-riding my first Marathon event in the Psycowpath series / on one of the hottest days this summer
-Forget the ruts, any bike trip with the Goatheads is great

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Remember when there wasn't snow on the ground?

This video from Yeti reminds me of what life was like before snow.

Sunday, January 03, 2010