Monday, September 27, 2010

Goat Semen

This is, without a doubt, a vehicle you don't want to get in an accident with.

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Tear Down

I propose at the major next race, Team Goathead stop at the most populated aid station and perform the Army tear down drill with our steeds:

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Chasing Mediocrity at Dakota Five-0

As the official photog/paparazzi for the Goathead team (ie, too slow to race), I had a blast experiencing my first Dakota Five-0. Hanging out with good friends, seeing the majesty of the wonder called Wall Drug, learning about Bumpin Buffalos, and getting to be a part of the Five-0 scene made for a very memorable weekend.

I had a great time chasing down my guys at each station, seeing the comradery, and even just cheering on each rider that went by on the path. If you're not racing, the next best thing is supporting those who are. I would love to do it again.

Some additional pics are below. Make sure you hit the Full Screen button.

Wall Drug


Spearfish Fish Hatchery


Starting Line


Aid Station #2


Near Aid Station #3


Bacon Station


Finish Line


Award Ceremony

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Adventures in Mediocrity

For years, Team Goathead has existed among the upper echelon of mediocrity, and we're perfectly okay with that. Jon's write up was a great recap of the race, but I would simply describe it as a perfectly mediocre race weekend. We all came in around 6 hours which barely puts us in the top half of the 500 person field. None of us ride with expectations of excellence. We ride because we love sharing epic experiences with great friends. Admittedly, some of us have gotten more serious about riding over the years. I never thought I would race wearing lycra, I never thought I would work at a bike shop and I never thought I would put more miles on my bike in a week than I do in my car. But the real objective in all of this "seriousness" is just so that the adventures can be more and more epic. Somebody already threw out the idea of 24 hours of Moab and I've already started thinking about how to train for the Exterra Triathlon.
Honestly, I'm very satisfied with my race time, but my favorite part of the race was seeing JC at every aid station and seeing The Professor and JA come across the finish line together. In a few weeks the race will be a blur, but I will definitely remember the "Jewnado", The "gay/Ukrainian hotel" and "boating euphemisms" for a long time.
Just anther mediocre adventure with good friends.
Here's some photographic evidence to attest to the mediocrity.....

A Sunday in . . .

For two years, the racing faction of Team Goathead has planned on returning to the Dakota 5 0. Unlike 2008, we did a much better job of training. JA, Lumpy, and myself put in more than a few 40+ mile rides. Would this make a difference? We also made some changes to: equipment, nutrition, and race strategy (only stopping at aid stations 2 &4).

So we got up on Sunday morning and WOW, it was cold!!! After getting warm (somewhat) we rode over to the start line. Two questions were about to be answered. Would we all improve upon the fastest time from 2 years ago (6hr. 20 min) and who would be crowned Goathead National Champion? As we rolled out of town none of us were in too big of a hurry. There was lots of dirt and climbing left. As we rode onto the first dirt road of the day, all three of us were together. As we entered the single track, I tucked in behind Lumpy, with JA about 30 spots back. Things were going according to plan. We had decided to not worry about passing too many people until we got close to aid station 1. Lumpy and I were rolling along smoothly and were in a nice little group. We were busy riding back and forth across the creek when my day hit the first bump and would be changed for the next 45+ miles.

As we crossed the creek and were about to head up a steep uphill, a fellow rider crashed. I lost a little momentum trying to avoid him and had to down shift to make it up the hill. However my chain got stuck between my chain ring and chain stay. I got it out and started riding again, however my rear der was jumping all over the place. This doesn’t sound good. I jumped off my bike to inspect it and saw a bent chain link – bummer. Only thing to do is take it out and put chain back together. About this time JA sees me and pulls over to lend a hand. WHAT A TEAMATE/FRIEND!!!

I get rolling and eventually catch JA and we set about trying to re-connect with LUMPY. We rolled through aid station 1 and saw a friendly face (thanks JC). One by one, JA and I are passing people and possibly inching closer to Lumpy. As I arrive at aid station 2 it is time to refuel. There is a little gap between JA and myself, but nothing that can’ t be closed in the upcoming miles. As I leave aide station 2, I begin to think the chain issue will be just a minor blip in my day. However, halfway between stations 2 and 3 it breaks again!!!! First thought is, there will be no sub 6 hr ride and NO catching Lumpy. He has been strong all year and I cannot overcome two mechanicals. Just as I am ready to re-attach the chain, JA pulls up and AGAIN helps me. Okay, so my original goals are shot - let’s just get to the finish as fast as we can.

As planned there was no stopping at aid station 3 and I headed off towards #4 and some hard hard climbing before the finish. After a quick stop @ 4 I head towards the infamous bacon station. No time to stop for God’s gift (bacon!!!), because sub 6 hrs is still possible!!! About .5 mile from the bacon station it happens again!!!! I have snapped a link. Come on, can’t a guy catch a break?!?!?! Knowing JC is about 800 yards behind me I entertain thoughts of walking back to him and catching a ride back to town. However, as JA stops (AGAIN) to help, he lets me know that DNFing is NOT an option. But this chain break seems to be worse than the previous one. That is when course angels, Ron and Aubrey, stop and give me a quick link. They weren’t racing, they were just patrolling the course to help people finish – thanks!!!

Okay, no sub 6 hours for sure, but maybe a PR? As I entered the out/back section of the course I could tell it was going to be CLOSE. As I left the single track and looked down the road I saw JA in the distance. Perhaps he and I could finish together!!! I did my best to impersonate Lumpy and tried to descend as fast as I could. Just as we left the dirt and hit pavement I caught my teammate. We rode to the finishing line together – 6 hr 12 min. We both set PRs!!!

No way that happens if JA doesn’t stop 3 times and help out a brother. Oh, what ever happened to Lumpy? He only took about 2 hours off his time and finished in 5hr. 40 min. Congrats bro, very nice riding!! Again, JC it was great to see a friendly face out on the course.