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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

11 days and counting

Here is a picture I stole off the Ridge Riders blog. I think this is part of the new section of trail they've put in since last year.
The other day I was out at Lewis and Clark with the Professor and J.A. We did 6 laps. It was intended to kinda test where we were fitness wise. I think we all passed, but it's still no substitute for 50 miles in the rugged, Black Hills. I remember I was finishing up a climb (what's left of Mt. Neverest) and my legs were burning, my heart was pounding out of my chest, and I was thinking, "this is exactly how I'm going to feel for most of the 5-0, except it will be on mile 12 and I'll have 38 more to go".

I can't wait!

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Weekend re-cap

Great weekend for riding/training this week. Although it was hot, I was able to hit both Swanson and Jewell for multiple laps. Two years ago I spent too much time at Tranquility and felt un-prepared for the single track of the 5 0. So hitting both these parks in a single weekend is a part of a different training strategy. Hopefully this will help me shave 2 minutes off my time.
Both days J.C. braved the heat and joined me. Seeing a lot of him on the trail this year is great after scarce sitings last year.
As you can see below - only a few more days to place you bets on who will take home the Goathead National Championship.

Close enough for a countdown....

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Not much else to add

Jon's write up pretty much sums up the weekend. A lightning quick assault on the front range that resulted in sore legs and not many pictures. Here's what I do have.....

Lumpy and Mrs. Lumpy at Echo Lake

The top of Mt. Evans

The best Men's Wearhouse has to offer

T-rev and Mrs. T-rev

The payoff

Colorado 2010

Lumpy did all the riding. The Prof and I just stood around and posed.

Front Range 2010

Lumpy, JA, and myself spent 48 hours in Colorado this week. For the first time in long time, we spent all of our time in the front range. Only rode one new trail. On Saturday, JA and myself headed out at 5:00 AM and by about 2:30 PM we were at Lair O'the Bear. WHAT A TRAIL. It is about 12 miles long (6 out and 6 back). However 1.5 miles in the trail you start a climb that is roughly 3.5 miles long. That was GREAT!! The trail is just incredible. On the way down there was very little steering involved, it just FLOWED so great.
On Sunday we met up with Lumpy and headed to Evergreen to ride the trail named 3 sisters. The trail starts at about 7,000 ft. and has 1,900 ft. of climbing. There is about a 4.5 mile climb on this ride. In the PM we headed to Chimney Gulch (new to Goathead Nation). The plan was to ride this trail up Lookout Mtn. and then head over to APEX and ride down. First part of the plan went great!!! Chimney Gulch is an EXCELLENT climb. When we got to Apex the first of a bad next hour started. First, the Enchanted Forest is one way on certain days. We couldn't ride it. Then, about halfway down we found another one way section and had to start climbing again. We then started to hear thunder (not good). As the weather looked to be getting worse Lumpy flatted. About that time the weather went from bad to worse. JA and I eventually made our way down the trail and headed towards the car (we would drive back and pick up Lumpy). Then the heavens opened up. That was a wet ride.
We got up early on Monday and headed for one last ride (48 hours and 4 trails). Usually Dakota Ridge is our first ride and this time it was our last. What a great way to end a quick trip to CO. Oh, and ask Lumpy about where to get quality tubes.