Saturday, July 02, 2011

Trek Bus to Landahl

In a warm-up trip for a what will hopefully be a Trek Bus Trip to Colorado, 10 riders loaded up and headed down to Landahl in KC. If you have never been down there, it is definitely worth the trip, even after you add an hour because of the I-29 detours. The common theme for most of the guys riding was "why have we never been here before? This is fricking awesome".
The only thing that wasn't awesome was the heat. 98 degrees and humid meant a whole lot of suffering, but it was totally worth it. Landahl is like nothing we have in Omaha. It has a great mix of fast flowing trails and white knuckle technical sections.
The park is a little tough to find, but luckily there is a Trek Store right off the interstate and a couple of miles from the trail head. Stop in there, they would love to give you a trail map and directions to the park.

After a couple of hours of riding, we found shade.

Then Big Bear got his second wind and crushed Miah's sternum.

A little more riding, and then off to Zarda's BBQ, a rib joint a couple miles away. The pulled pork put a sauce drenched ribbon on top of a perfect day trip.

Stay tuned for more Trek Bus trips. Hopefully you can join us.

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