Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Palm Olive Hands

I had Lumpy grip envy - mine are on the way:

Now I just have to figure out how to carbon-offset throwing my old rubber grips into the local land-fill. And the packaging for the new ones. And then the gas/oil spent for the delivery vehicles getting the grips to my house. And the energy consumption of the order fulfillment center. And the web site data center. And my PC. Even making the new grips, which look like they have more rubber than my old ones. Man, being involved in an 'out-doorsy' sport is so guilt ridden!

I guess I'll have to get out and ride with my new grips a few times as penance. :)


Lumpy said...

You know, those grips also come in green.... Perhaps it would put your mind at ease to know you're making a political statement as you ride.

A.B. said...

You guys and your crazy non-mainstream bike parts!!

Angrybutcher said...

I might have to get a couple sets of those :)