Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Mediocrity in Action

View Tranquility 3/27/2012 5:59 PM in a larger map


A.B. said...


There's tons of good data in there too.
Did you manually break it up or did it do that automatically?

edit - I just colored the different sections in google earth and re-uploaded it. You can follow the path in google earth too. You're bringing our mediocrity to a whole new level!

jc4300 said...

I used the free Google app called My Tracks for the Android. I didn't add the breakups - I'm thinking it knew when I stopped to take breaks! It must have added sections at those points. Pretty cool.

I'll have to download the Google Earth plugin and see what its like to follow the path. Does it show you the technical log parts I chickened out on??

jchad said...

You can see all the maps of my rides in the last two years inside the box below.


A.B. said...

jc - yes, apparently google had a satellite camera following you the whole way, it even shows you peeing in the parking lot. Disgraceful!

jchad - Pretty impressive! Your rides were so extensive, they must've crashed the mapping application you were using!