Friday, January 09, 2009

#7 Lair O' The Bear - Jefferson County Colorado

I've always considered Larry the Bear one of my favorite trails, but I think part of the reason I remember it so fondly is because of the conditions we rode in that day. When we left for the trail-head there was sun. When we got to the trail-head it was overcast and spitting a little bit. Halfway into the ride, it was a down pour, and to our surprise, it didn't really matter. Coming from Omaha, we're all used to a little bit of rain ruining a ride. Nebraska soil may be great for corn, but add a little water and it sucks for mountain biking. Larry the Bear, on the other hand was hardly effected by the rain. In fact it enhanced the experience. Picking your way through a rock garden in a downpour just added to the adventure factor, and the pucker factor.
The trail itself offers a lot of variety. It starts with a 3 mile climb that has about 5 or 6 technical spots. Then it turns into several miles of rolling single track. The only downside of the trail is that it's an out and back. I always prefer loops.
The only downside of the rain, was that we didn't take many pictures. The only pictures I do have don't really do the trail any justice, so I'll just include a group picture, a picture of someone I don't know enjoying the trail....... and a post-ride picture of The Professor


A.B. said...

Good times!!

I was fearing for my life on the way down with those squeaky wet rim brakes. (Meanwhile Lumpy flies by, flinging wet Colorado soil in my face and screaming "Viva La Revolution!")

TheProfessor said...

Good times !?!?!?!?!?!

I remember riding back to the trucks with one eye closed because there was so much mud flying into my face. Why didn't I put my glasses on? Because they were covered in mud themselves.

Okay, so all that added to the experience and I remember that day fondly.

However, I was tired of rain by the end of the weekend. We only had one day of dry trails.

A.B. said...

That day is looking pretty good right about now...